Vera Wolf - Vera Wolf jewelry has a deep connection to the beautiful island of Bali in Indonesia, where Wolf Guibbory and his wife Vera started their business 25 years ago.  As they tell it, “We were at the same time charmed and somewhat saddened from our early visits to Bali; charmed by the beauty, grace and good nature of the Balinese people, yet saddened by the hardships of daily life in some of the smaller villages.”  Wolf and Vera set out to not only bring the exotic creations of the Balinese people to the United States, but to help raise the standard of living for the talented silversmiths of the island.

Pieces such as Vera Wolf's sterling silver earrings, accented with semi-precious stones, are designed with the objective of transcending the wearer above “the humdrum of daily existence, to our truer nature” - a perfect goal for the hands of the artists of the fabled “Island of the Gods”.  To this end, Vera’s designs include natural influences, such as floral and leafy shapes, as well as spiritual symbols such as spirals and geometry – small flourishes that tell of the connections we all share to our planet.

In the Kawi language, the people refer to their island as Bali Dwipa Jaya, or ‘Glorious Bali Island’.  Vera Wolf’s jewelry invokes the people and their land well, with images of “the sweet scent of incense, the haunting reverberations of gamelan melodies, the procession of bejeweled villagers in their multicolored costumes”, and the personal spiritual nature that each piece represents.  And each piece sold adds a bit to the lives of these peaceful and wonderful people.