Tabra - A true bohemian, Tabra Tunoa is an amazingly unique designer whose influences span the world - from Bali, to Lhasa, to Ghana, Tabra finds inspiration in so many facets of life.  Maybe this is why Tabra has spent so much time as a “courageous world traveling adventurer”, finding new and exotic ways to combine “sacred symbols with semi-precious stones, collection beads, and ancient materials to create gypsy earrings, tribal pendants, primitive talismans, exotic bracelets, and necklaces”, making her a leader in designing modern ethnic-inspired jewelry.  Her customers boast that they truly “feel more powerful when wearing Tabra’s jewelry”.  That’s no small feat!

Tabra begin her studies in art by researching the Mayans and Aztecs as the Universities of Mexico City and Costa Rica, following up with studying jewelry design at Massena Art Institute in Barcelona, Spain.  She soon found solace in the selling in the streets and festivals of Berkeley, California, “a place where an eccentric, non-conforming gypsy, hippie artist and single mother could thrive”.  Tabra left the U.S. for Bali, Indonesia, in the summer of 2006, finding a place where she could live out her creative aspirations.  She continues to split her time between Bali, the U.S., and Costa Rica, connecting with locals and mining places and cultures for new inspiration.

Tabra’s jewelry is for the wild at heart, the not-so-easily-pinned-down, the slightly eccentric, and the trailblazer, and that’s exactly how we like it!  La Galleria is right behind Tabra, encouraging women to “choose your magic carefully and keep it with you always” - for it is a source of power, wonder, risk, and profound insight!