Shirley Price – We are excited to feature a great selection of one-of-a-kind handmade earrings and necklaces designed by a Southern California artist, Shirley Price. Each piece, which is named by the artist and comes with an individual information card confirming its authenticity, is meant “to reflect a woman’s innate individuality, beauty and mystery.”

Inspired by the bold quietude of Asian culture and art, each of Shirley’s pieces exudes an organic sense of balance struck between the hand picked stones and the metal wires surrounding them, mimicking the feel of written Chinese characters or strips of prized bamboo. In fact, she calls her body of work the Emperor’s Treasure. Ancient rulers of China, Japan, and Korea were well-known for their exquisite tastes - collecting gemstones, gold, silver, and pearls from far beyond the reach of their own empires, and so ironically, the very jewelry they commissioned to symbolize their powerful reigns hid vast and diverse cultural origins. But despite its extravagant roots, Shirley’s pieces are intriguingly simple, and make for truly wearable art.

Designing for years, Shirley Price attended three fabrication schools before finding her own design sense. Now, her passion for combining beads, striking stones, and metal flourishes with fine silver, sterling silver and gold, pieces sure leave an ephemeral yet lasting impression!


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