Shell-Bell - For fans of jewelry that speaks to the heart and steps a bit “outside the box”, La Galleria is excited to offer the unique and free-spirited pieces offered by Shell-Bell designs!  For artist Shelli Kahl, jewelry is inspired by a flexible, organic, art-is-life philosophy. As she explains, her work captures her sense that life and jewelry should be “passionate and uninhibited by the boundaries set by others”. 

Like life itself, the creation of each piece takes surprising twists and turns, sometimes representing our trials and tribulations, and sometimes representing the unexpected ways we reach our goals.  What results is jewelry that is truly “untamable” and non-traditional, radiating an “unmistakable personality and beauty that is truly” a representation of the artist. 

We at La Galleria agree with Shelli that “life is too short to spend doing anything other than living your dream with passion”, and for the bold and adventurous “searching for something different in themselves”, we proudly recommend Shell-Bell’s amazing one-of-a-kind standout pieces!