Nina Nguyen - The pieces by Nina Nguyen Designs are a must-see at La Galleria.  Nina imbues her pieces with memories of helping her goldsmith uncle in Vietnam, retaining a feeling that “combines light-hearted, bold styling with understated elegance”, one that she hopes “enhances the confidence and beauty of every woman who wears her jewelry”.  

With collection names such as “Pagoda”, “Lotus”, and “Bamboo”, Nina’s jewelry brings tranquility and grounding to one’s daily life.  As her website explains, she is always “evolving to embrace earth-conscious materials. Inspired by organic gemstones, her current collection’s focus is on the fossilized and mineralized stones that slowly develop through the planet’s natural processes. Currently her favorite raw materials are geodes, stalactites and fossilized ammonites.” Geodes are especially well-suited for mindfulness and meditation.

All of Nina’s jewelry is designed by her and handcrafted by her skilled artisan Co-Op.  Nina’s Co-Op consists of women who “are making better lives for themselves and their families”, and who earn “higher-than-average wages and full benefits” as well as “education for their children”.  Nina is very proud of her artisan Co-Op, and so are we!

Nina Nguyen Designs is truly one of the highlights of La Galleria - and it’s evident that she thinks along the same lines we do.  As the artist says, “the jewelry I design is a reflection of my spirit. I create each piece to be unique, feminine and stylish. I envision my pieces empowering the wearer. It gives me much pleasure to contribute to the beauty of women.  My hope is that every woman will enjoy wearing my jewelry as much as I enjoy designing each and every piece.”  We hope so too, Nina!