Michou – Though Michou has innumerable collections, each with unique textures, energies, materials and themes informing the constellation of stones or the corresponding details, her work, even after a short time, is immediately recognizable. We at La Galleria love her pieces, and we also love that she is a local artist, a resident of South Lake Tahoe.

The first thing to know about Michou, aside from her place of residence, is that her name is in fact, Michele Sonner. The Michou name is a derivation of the French endearment 'mon petit chou', a childhood nickname of Michele’s. It was twenty years ago that Michele chose to take up her roots and dive into her love of art, antiques, and history. It all started when she happened upon a tiny collection of rings during a ski trip in the Swiss Alps. Their unique design caused her to travel to Bali, apprentice with artisans and learn the ancient art of “granulation” - create patterns by fusing granules of silver or gold onto an object. After learning much from the Balinese artisans, she took up her childhood name and the old ways of the artisans to create contemporary pieces for everyday wear.

Michou is often inspired by the ocean, the cosmos, and nature: "I create collections that women can connect with and embrace; each piece is ageless, filled with heart so that it actually becomes part of the women who wear them."


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