Michal Golan - She is a multi-talented Israeli artist currently operating out of New York City.  Inspired by design traditions as diverse as that of the Byzantine Empire, Victorian-era Britain, and the modern Middle East, Michal creates products that “offer an array of richly hued semi-precious stones, Swarovski crystals and freshwater pearls”, all fabricated using 24 karat gold or silver.

As her website explains, Michal’s pieces are “immediately recognizable for their ornate, intensely colored arrangements of gemstones and crystals”, each one showing a particular attention to detail and a mosaic-like aesthetic.  But Michal’s pieces are not just limited to jewelry - she also designs gift items such as boxes and picture frames, Judaica, and belts.

Michal Golan is truly a unique and gifted artist, and her multi-cultural ornate pieces represent the philosophy we strive for here at La Galleria.  For us, the slogan ‘Gifts from Around the World” rarely means only one part of the world, but rather a conglomeration and juxtaposition of the multi-faceted people and cultures that make it interesting.  Michal Golan is one of those people!