Michael Michaud - This line is a long-running and always-popular collection here at La Galleria, and we are very excited to continue to offer his unique and bold creations.

Born and raised in the United States, Michaud studied silversmithing at Rochester Institute of Technology where he perfected the art of molding.  Now, operating out of the New York/Connecticut area, Michael Michaud offers some of the most unique jewelry we’ve ever seen.  Michaud’s Silver Seasons Collection creates molds directly from real botanical elements such as acorns, pea pods, peanuts, and clover.  As his website describes, “while traditional lost-wax casting begins with a hand-carved model of wax, Michaud instead uses an actual leaf, branch or flower in place of the wax model. A mold is created around the botanical element and as it is heated the plant matter burns away and leaves behind a beautifully detailed mold of itself.”

Nature may design the base upon which Michael Michaud makes his molds, but it is the master silversmith who casts the silver and the bronze, transforming the pieces into true works of inspired art.  Since the plants which Michaud uses are transient and one-of-a-kind, the Silver Seasons collection is constantly growing and changing.  Michaud’s work extends beyond jewelry as well, so you can be sure that La Galleria always has something new and exciting from this truly amazing craftsman.