Lesley Aine Mckeown - Creating jewelry is in the blood of the McKeown family - Leslie’s father was a studio artist who created jewelry “during the modern jewelry art movement of the 1960's” and her mother a sculptor who “also creates jewelry”.  Luckily for us, it is quite evident that Leslie carries on the tradition with the best of both these worlds! 

Fascinated by the possibilities that shaping and sculpting metal offered, Leslie learned the basics of silversmithing as an apprentice but quickly progressed further through self-study and private instruction.  Maintaining an active interest in geology (a must for any northern Arizona resident!), Leslie is constantly inspired to create her signature “unique and unusual” gemstone cabochons - a style that smooths out the typical cuts or faceted appearance that many gemstones take.  In this way, fans of McKeown’s work know that each stone has been worked and cared-for by hand.

Explaining her process, Leslie Aine McKeown says that  “creating art is evolutionary, a continuing journey of inspiration, design and technique.” With her art, McKeown’s hope is “to reach across the space between myself and the viewer and invoke a bit of this wonder and beauty”.  La Galleria always proud to be part of the process that unites artists and their connoisseurs!