Kathleen Maley is a California native - having studied jewelry and metalsmithing at San Diego State Univerity, she now lives and works at a communal art space in the historic Best Foods building in San Francisco.  She has always lived near the Pacific Ocean, using that energy as her muse.  As she writes: "the dramatic landscape of coastal California has become a doorway to inspiration for me:  the sweeping cliffs and tumbling waves, the linear horizon and the curved coastline, the textures and forms of rocks, sand and seashells --these elements become the stylized lines and forms that give shape to my work."

Kathleen channels that energy into the loops, spirals, and esoteric mathematical designs that she is known for.  For example, some of her designs invoke the famous Moebius strip - a type of twisted band found in geometry that only has one side no end.  It's enough to boggle the mind!  Maley's work, with its kinetic energy, provides a contrast to
more organic jewelry such as that of Michael Michaud.  But like his pieces, Kathleen's work is also a kind of sculptural jewelry, one that furthermore "highlights the contrast between sterling silver and high karat gold vermeil".  Maley's pieces are a unique addition to our collection at La Galleria.