Eugene Gem - Founded by Eugene R. Yang in 1991, Eugene Gem Inc's mission was to “provide a wide range of selection of uniquely-designed, trendy jewelry at affordable prices”.  The company’s pieces, which include rings, pendants, earrings and bracelets, are easily recognizable by their 14 karat gold or silver bases set with genuine colored gemstones. As they say, “clean, simple, yet sophisticated best describe our jewelry pieces” - and our customers  agree!

Bright and attention-catching, Eugene Gem’s jewelry is crafted to specially “enhance the natural beauty of colored gemstone jewelry”, with designers who “explore a spectrum of themes and cultures so that each jewelry piece” is a unique and interesting item for you to show off!  Be careful when wearing Eugene Gem, because when you enter a room you’re bound to attract the attention, and jealousy, of those around you!