Eduardo Milieris – We are excited to announce that we are now featuring a striking line of watches from Watchcraft created by the talented artist Eduardo Milieris.

“Fascinated by the integration of art and time” since the age of seven, Eduardo a native of Montevideo, Uruguay, painted clocks even on his shirt sleeves. As he got older, he began to understand how to keep time - developing his first seconds-meter-machine at the age fourteen, but it wasn’t until he attended university and experimented with photography, video art and sculpture that he developed his signature- Slow Reading Clock: a piece comprised of three, one-handed dials, each dial reading the hours, minutes, and seconds respectively.

Today, Eduardo’s watches inspire with distressed, oxidized and nickel free solid jeweler’s brass, and copper and sterling silver embellishments, giving the keeping of time a rich, industrial charm. What’s more, all of his wearable art pieces are limited - only 1000 of each are made; all watches are signed and numbered by Milieris and come in a lovely leather presentation gift box with a Citizens quartz movement, a one year limited warranty, and adjustable links to fit small and large wrists.

Eduardo has crafted more than a hundred unique watches that are all one of a kind limited editions. Each watch is inspired by the treasures he finds throughout the industrial landscape of New York City where his studio is based.


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