Growing up in Chicago generally means seeing more concrete than nature, so when Illinois native Daria Salus decided to move to Santa Cruz, California, she was soon honing in on a wealth of inspiration.  Now, for over two decades, Daria has used her ever-developing "deep connection to the ocean and forest environments" as a springboard for creativity, crafting pieces that are at the same time personal and universal, connecting
hand-crafted art with the spirit of nature.

Daria attended Cabrillo College and San Jose State where she graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in metals.  She always felt that she was "captivated by the experience of coaxing images out a solid sheet of metal with a saw, hammer, and torch". Daria does all of her work by hand, utilizing such techniques as "overlay, etching, forming, enameling, roller printing and bezel setting", and creating images in her designs with a unique version of the bassetaille technique.

Daria's jewelry captures the moments in the world around her and passes them on to the wearer. As she puts it: "My intent is that those who wear my jewelry will be reminded of their connection with the natural world, and with the value of the creative process."