Ayala Bar – A true artist and designer who has been designing for over ten years. Ayala resides in Israel and her creations are simply stunning works of art and a must see, touch and feel at La Galleria. Working with simple metals, glass, fabric, mineral stones and crystal rhinestones, Ayala Bar transcends one to another time, which is both past and present. Many have called her work “Art Deco meets the middle East” however, in our opinion her work is difficult to categorize. At La Galleria, we find it is through touch, not pictures that each woman finds which pieces one is drawn to.

We love Ayala Bar because “nothing is routine to Ayala”. Every six months she changes her color palette and her designs. Once she has sold out of one collection, she will no longer create that style again, making each piece more of a one of a kind and less of an overly produced piece of jewelry. Additionally, she creates limited editions, where only a small amount of earrings, necklaces and bracelets are created, which are then hand selected by galleries across the world. At La Galleria, we are proud to offer such quality pieces by a designer who is inspired to find an inner vision within her.

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