Angie Olami - Long ago, before it became the modern state of Israel, the territory of Judea was a province of the vast Roman Empire. The legacy of these conquerors literally lies in the dirt around Jerusalem today, handblown fragments of what were once ancient perfume bottles, small jugs, lamps, flasks, vases, cups, and bowls. And these highly individualized and unique shards are what maverick designer Angie Atkins, founder of Angie Olami jewelry, uses as the basis of most of her designs. Taking the 2000-year-old Roman glass, Angie combines excavated pieces with sterling silver, 14 karat gold, semi-precious and precious stones, and pearls to create unforgettable jewelry.

Angie Atkins is herself as unique and diverse as her pieces. She studied English at Yale, Russian literature in St. Petersburg, got a taste for archaeological excavation in Israel, hiked in Nepal, and lived in southern Spain. She sifts through the sands of history to bring ancient memories to modern fashion, and because of that, her pieces too are timeless.

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