Amber Beata Collections - Since she was a young girl in Poland, the Baltic region’s most famous gemstone has opened up worlds of beauty and mystery for Beata, head designer and owner of Amber Beata Collections.  Being born near the coast of the Baltic Sea, Beata has always had a special connection with amber, and after training with a multitude of silversmiths and designers, began offering her own line of jewelry here in the United States since 1990.

Amber, having been formed and preserved over tens of millions of years, offers Beata a chance, through her unique designs, to “reveal to you [the] magical and exquisite beauty” of this semi-precious stone.  The amber of her home, succinite, is exceptionally exalted for its deep, rich, and varied colors.  Beata reminds us that amber comes in “close to 250 color variations”, from “cognac”, “butterscotch”, to “cherry” and even “green”!  On top of this, many pieces contain hints of other colors - specks of black here or veins of white there.  Combining this with the variability of the translucency of any given piece, the patterns and possibilities for unique creation are truly endless.