La Galleria has been a staple in the local community for over 37 years. We provide treasures from around the world featuring one of a kind gifts for any occasion, any age group, of all prices. In store and soon online you can find jewelry, fashionable clothing and home décor of all kinds.

When you visit La Galleria, you will be introduced to the brilliant colors found within the mosaic jewelry line "Firefly", which is completely hand made in Guatemala by an entire village, or to the hand crafted bead work of Ayala Bar, an artist from Israel. In-store merchandise connects you to far away places right from Downtown Truckee, California. By stirring the imagination, La Galleria creates harmony within your home, beauty within your soul, and function within your daily life.

La Galleria is conveniently located in Historic Downtown Truckee. Truckee boasts a classic outdoor lifestyle, during both winter and summer, and is filled with great shops to round out the experience. Truckee is abound with history from our great pioneers and Native Americans and welcomes all with a warm ray of light and crisp alpine air.  Known for its epic winters, ski terrain and wide views of Lake Tahoe, Truckee does not come up short as a place to visit, adventure, or to call home.


Brooke's passion for travel led her to La Galleria in 2002. Previously, she had lived in Scotland, Italy and Thailand and was drawn to the beauty and culture of what lies within La Galleria, Truckee. Brooke soon began managing and in 2007, she and her husband Chad purchased La Galleria Truckee.

 La Galleria has allowed Brooke to fulfill her desire to travel and meet people from villages around the world and bring their beauty and artistic designs to local communities. Brooke holds a B.S. in Psychology from U.N.R. and a MA in TESOL. In 2015, Brooke partnered with Beau to open La Galleria Reno, bringing her love of travel, culture and art to a whole new community.